Dorothy's Story...

Your money contributes towards funding our life-changing services such as Live at Home, Music Therapy and Chaplaincy that make a huge difference to older people like Dorothy.


Dorothy Arthurton has been attending her Live at Home Scheme in Hull for some time and finds the service invaluable. To her, it acts as a lifeline against living in isolation.


Speaking about Live at Home, she said: "Loneliness is the scourge of the old. People didn’t live to such great ages years ago but now they do. It’s all right if they have family involved, but many people don’t and sometimes their family even live abroad.


"Live at Home really helps with loneliness. It gets you out of the house. I live in a retirement complex but unfortunately the people here don’t mix very well. So many seem to just shut themselves away. But Live at Home gets you out of the house, and talking to people.


"We play games, have a chat, there’s craft activities for people who enjoy it. It’s a question of getting together and not sitting within the four walls all day. I really think it makes a difference to physical health too, when you can get out and about. We help each other too; I help out the people with sight problems.


"Evenings are the worst for loneliness but if you’ve got out during the day, it makes a difference.


"I would really love for our Live at Home scheme to be able to do even more things - it would be lovely to be able to have some talks or musical entertainment. It’s important and it really makes a difference to people. I’d be lonely without it."


With your support, we can reduce loneliness in later life for even more isolated older people like Dorothy.



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